The Russian Evangelical Alliance Plans for the Future

Proceeding Onward


M o s c o w – On the eve of the international Alliance Prayer Week, which will be held – also in Russia – from 7 to 14 January 2007, the Russian Evangelical Alliance (REA) Executive Committee convened in Moscow on 18 December. The 10 participants’ conclusion was: “We have plans – we are proceeding onward!” Although the Russian Alliance’s long-term Director, the Baptist professor Dr. Vladimir Ryagusov, has been on sabbatical leave since October, others such as Interim Speaker Alexander Fedichkin are now leading the way.


Since November, the Alliance prayer booklet prepared for the Prayer Week is being distributed throughout Russia. A congregation wishing copies can usually obtain them through its own denominational headquarters or through the persons listed below.


After a one-year pause, the next national, yearly conference is scheduled for 4 April 2007 in Moscow. This conference will commemorate the fact that Russia’s first Protestant congregation was founded in Moscow 450 years ago. The conference programme will be made public immediately following the next Executive Committee session in Moscow on 5 February. A meeting of representatives from regional Alliances is planned for the next day, 5 April. The goal remains the holding of several regional Alliance conferences in Fall 2007.


The email-address of Interim Speaker and Baptist Pastor Alexander Fedichkin is: “fedich@yahoo.com”. Other contact persons able to speak on matters of the Russian Alliance include: Sergei Vdovin from the “Association of Churches of Evangelical Christians, the Adventist Oleg Goncharov, the Methodist Valentina Birjukova and the Messianic Jew Igor Mihailov. Except for Pastor Goncharov, all of these persons speak at least some English.


Dr. William Yoder

Media Spokesperson for the Russian Evangelical Alliance

Moscow, 20 December 2006


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