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Latin Amer · 13. November 1993
A Lutheran Breakthrough in Cuba? Cuba is on a spiritual upswing: House churches now number in the thousands. The Methodists, who had dipped to 3,000 members in 1968, now host 30,000 members. The Pentecostals are even larger. The young are everywhere evident among Methodists: As many as 80% of its new members are less than 30 years old. But Lutherans have yet to enjoy the fruits of Cuba's current revival: Their total stagnates at around 300 members. Most Cuban Lutheran growth appears to be...
Latin Amer · 10. November 1993
Protestantism is on the Move in Cuba The Protestant churches of Cuba are engulfed in an awakening: Young people without Christian pasts are joining Pentecostal, Baptist and Methodist congregations in droves. The Methodist church in Havana-Marianao, which has added 150 members this year, estimates that 80% of its new members are less than 20 years of age. As many as several thousand house churches may exist; the Methodist church, which dipped to 3,000 members in 1968, is now hosting 30,000...
Latin Amer · 06. November 1993
"Ecumenical Council of Cuba" Bibles "seminary Matanzas" Methodist superintendent "Rafael Gonzalo Calzado" Guanabacoa "Jesse Jackson" "Humberto Fuentes" "Templo Aleluya" Camagüey Lutheran Santeria "Andres Oppenheimer" Satanism Pentecostal "William Yoder"