Ev-Christian · 17. March 2021
"Tushino Evangelical Church” Moscow "Evangelical-Christian" "Russian-American Christian University" RACU "Russian Baptist Union" RUECB "Alexander Kuznetsov" "Andrey Petrov" “VSEKh”, „All-Russian Fellowship of Evangelical-Christians” "Rick Warren" “Saddleback Church” "Yarovaya Laws" "Ludmilla Kuznetsova" Covid-19 "Johannes Reimer" "South Korean" Pentecostal umbrella ROSKhVE "Leonid Kartavenko" politics Belarus "William Yoder" "Alexander Fedichkin" "Vitaly Vlasenko" "Russian Evangelical Alliance"
Ev-Christian · 06. November 2013
Tolyatti "evangelical mayor" "Sergey Andreyev" Evangelical-Christian "auto production" Wolfsburg "anti-Baptist campaign" anti-Protestantism "John McCain" Putin homosexuality "Mikhail Prokhorov" "Civic Platform" Pentecostal Baptists "House of the Gospel" "Child Evangelism Fellowship" "Sergey Guts" Ulyanovsk "Anatoly Pchelintsev" "Slavic Legal Centre" SLC "William Yoder"
Ev-Christian · 20. June 2013
"Alexander Semchenko" "house arrest" "Yuri Sipko" "Pavel Begichev" VSEKh RUECB Vlasenko "Leonid Kartavenko" Pentecostal Izhevsk Teplotekhnik "Yuri Lushkov" Portal-Credo "William Yoder"
Ev-Christian · 25. March 2012
Tolyatti major "Sergey Andreyev" "United Russia" AvtoVaz „“Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists“ RUECB "Alexey Smirnov" Smolensk "Evangelical Christian" "Sergey Guts" "Peter Sautov" "New Life" "Divine Fire" "Mikhail Prokhorov" "Vladimir Artyakov" Golos "religious tolerance" Stavropol Togliatti Lada Fiat "William Yoder"
Ev-Christian · 31. October 2011
"Yuri Sipko" "Alexander Semchenko" RUECB Baptist Teplotekhnik Portal-Credo oligarch "fundamental opposition" Putin "Vladimir Shirinovsky" "Gennady Zyuganov" "Sergey Ryakhovsky" Pentecostal "Alexey Smirnov" "Yevgeny Bakhmutsky" "William Yoder" “Euro-Asian Federation of Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists” "Malkhaz Songulashvili" Georgia
Ev-Christian · 11. May 2011
The Big Gap in the Middle -------------------------------------- Is it money that keeps VSEKh afloat? Commentary M o s c o w – Is more than money keeping the „All-Russian Fellowship of Evangelical-Christians” (VSEKh) afloat? Is it more than the brainchild of a single ambitious person? Will the Fellowship survive the death of its benefactor – or at least the death of his bank account? Such questions were abuzz among observers of its second national conference, held from 26 to 28 April in...
Ev-Christian · 18. August 2010
Brown versus Green? ------------------------------------------------------- Russian Protestant leader is embroiled in a struggle over trees and ideology Commentary M o s c o w -- On 15 July, a major Protestant-owned firm, “Teplotekhnik”, began tree clearance in Khimki Forest just outside north-central Moscow. The firm has until 1 September to cut a 43-kilometre-long, up to 100-meter-wide swath through the forest. Forty-thousand trees are to be felled; detractors claim that 90% of Khimki...
Ev-Christian · 28. April 2009
Are We a Hyphen or an "And"? ----------------------------------------------- Who are the Evangelical Christians within the RUECB? Report M o s c o w – Who precisely are the “Evangelical Christians” within the “Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists” (RUECB)? We Baptists ourselves sometimes add to the general confusion. The Russian portion of the webpage of the RUECB’s Moscow seminary (www.moscowseminary.org) for ex. refers correctly to “Evangelical...
Ev-Christian · 20. March 2009
One More Dot on the Russian Church Map --------------------------------------------------------------- Developments among Russian Baptists since February 2008 A commentary M o s c o w -- It’s been 13 months since Alexander Semchenko gave up his leadership role in the “Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists” (RUECB). It’s been a long year, for this Baptist philanthropist left behind a large financial hole when he departed. Renovation of the RUECB’s Moscow headquarters was...
Ev-Christian · 16. July 2008
Mobile Property Moves More --------------------------------------------------------- Evangelisation on a Moscow excursion boat M o s c o w – Mobile property moves more – at least in the summer. That was one conclusion resulting from an evangelistic event on an excursion liner in the middle of Moscow on 10 July. Host was the 40-member, three-month-old Baptist congregation “Your Church”; 180 persons were crowded onto a boat intended for 150. Cheered on by salami sandwiches and mineral...

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