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RU Lutherans · 17. November 2020
Corona Propst Dean "Igor Ronge" Lutheran Kaliningrad controversial "full buses" "empty churches" Yoder
RU Lutherans · 10. April 2020
"new bishop" "Ingria church" ELCIR "Ivan Latev" "Arri Kugappi" "Vsevolod Lytkin" Akademgorodok “Siberian Evangelical-Lutheran Church” “Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Russia” (ELCR) Omsk Lutheran "Alexander Scheiermann" "Lutheran World Federation” LWF "William Yoder"
RU Lutherans · 13. February 2020
Lutheran Kaliningrad Königsberg "William Yoder" "Vitaly Gut" Charismatic "Suvorova 8a" Methodist "women pastors" "Dietrich Brauer" ELCR "Pavel Begichev" "Old Catholic church" "Vladimir Pudov"
RU Lutherans · 03. December 2019
Emigration Yarovaya-Laws Dean Propst "Vladimir Vinogradov" Lutheran Omsk ELCUSFE Sibiria "Far East" "Vsevolod Lytkin" "Arri Kugappi" Adventist "William Yoder"
RU Lutherans · 09. April 2019
"Siegfried Springer" died passes ELCA SELK EKD Missouri-Synod LCMS "Russian-German Lutherans" "Klaus Vollmer" "Closer to Heaven in Russia“ "Russian Lutheranism" "William Yoder"
RU Lutherans · 30. December 2018
Lutheran "Augsburg Confession" Russia Slovakia "Old Catholic" "Augustin Bacinsky" Bratislava "Pavel Begichev" "Vladimir Pudov" "Vitaly Gut" "Konstantin Andreyev" "Alexander Franz" Barnaul "Harald Kalnins" "Edmund Ratz" "Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Russia” ELCR "William Yoder"
RU Lutherans · 14. June 2018
The Threat of a Hole in the Mosaic ------------------------------------------------------- The World’s Largest Territorial Lutheran Church Must Make Do with Very Few People A report V l a d i v o s t o k – Even in the Russian Far East it can be the state that keeps a Protestant congregation from throwing in the towel. A Lutheran house church had already received a green light from church leadership to close its doors. Yet when the city informed them that deregistration would cost 60.000...
RU Lutherans · 11. May 2017
Russia’s Lutheran Pietists are not Alone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alexander Scheiermann consecrated as bishop of Siberia and the Far East M o s c o w -- Elected on 16 October, Alexander Scheiermann was consecrated as bishop of the “Evangelical-Lutheran Church in the Urals, Siberia and Far East” (ELCUSFE) in Omsk on 23 April. Looks can be deceiving: Though representatives of the “Evangelical Church of Germany’s” (EKD) Department...
RU Lutherans · 25. October 2013
The Church after Rush Hour is Over ---------------------------------------------------------------- Lutherans in Russia's Kaliningrad enclave have a new concept M o s c o w – Things have settled down among the Lutherans in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad/Königsberg a quarter century after the political transformation of Europe. The throngs of tourists have shrivelled. Those aged, one-time residents from Germany who had planned to set up shop in the enclave have already done so. Due in...
RU Lutherans · 04. November 2012
“We cannot believe the charges” ------------------------------------------------- Dmitry Lotov and the organ in a Moscow cathedral M o s c o w – On the evening of 4 September a group of independent Lutherans headed by Dmitry Lotov shoved their way into Moscow’s St. Peter- and-Paul-Cathedral. A cohort of Lotov shinnied up into the balcony. After removing the foot pedals (“foot keyboard”) from the organ, videos show the person jumping back down and returning to the entrance of the...

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