Kaukasus · 05. December 2020
Baptisten Grosny Tschetschenien Woloschin Yoder Aschabow Kommunisten
RU Bap-E · 05. December 2020
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Caucasus · 05. December 2020
Baptist Grosny Chechnya Voloshin Yoder Ashabov Communist
RU-Bap-D · 05. December 2020
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Orthodoxie · 01. December 2020
"neue orthodoxe Kirche" Kaliningrad "Kirche der Heiligen Kyrill und Method" Auferstehungskirche
Orthodoxy · 01. December 2020
"new Orthodox church" Kaliningrad "Church of the Saints Cyril and Methodius" "Resurrection Church" Yoder
RU-Lutheraner · 17. November 2020
Corona Propst "Igor Ronge" lutherisch Kaliningrad Auseinandersetzung "volle Busse" "leere Kirchen" Yoder
RU Lutherans · 17. November 2020
Corona Propst Dean "Igor Ronge" Lutheran Kaliningrad controversial "full buses" "empty churches" Yoder
Education · 15. November 2020
Flipping between Love and Enmity ------------------------------------------------------- Brief Review of the Book “The Arduous Path of Post-Soviet Protestant Theological Education” by Mark Elliott Published by “First Fruits Press” at “Asbury Theological Seminary”, Kentucky/USA, in November 2020. Nearly all Western students of ex-Soviet theological education are unduly one-dimensional in their observations. They write essentially that ex-Communists and current Orthodox detest...
Belarus-D · 21. August 2020
Lukaschenko Belarus Protestant Baptist Lasuta "Neues Leben" Kuhstall Belarus abgeben an Westen Yoder

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