Ecumenical · 31. July 2009
"Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists" RUECB "Department of External Church Relations" “Conference of European Churches” CEC "European Ecumenical Assembly“ Vitaly Vlasenko "Russian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate" Lyon "Edmund Ratz" Russia’s "Evangelical-Lutheran Church" ELCROS “Euro-Asian Federation of Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists” “European Baptist Federation” "Toma Magda" "Valeriu Ghiletchi" "William Yoder"
Ecumenical · 16. November 2007
Nairobi Kenya "non-traditional churches" Pentecostal Charismatic "World Evangelical Alliance" WEA "World Council of Churches" WCC "Geoff Tunnicliffe" "Global Christian Forum" "Baptist World Alliance" BWA "Denton Lotz" "Neville Callam" "Vitaly Vlasenko" "Russian Baptist Union" RUECB "Russian Orthodox Church" "Pavel Okara" "William Yoder"
Ecumenical · 13. September 2007
ecumenical "Russian Baptist Union" Sibiu 2017 Kirill RUECB "Third European Ecumenical Assembly" "Vitaly Vlasenko" "Walter Casper" CEC "Christian Inter-Confessional Advisory Committee" "World Council of Churches" "European Baptist Federation" EBF "William Yoder"
Ecumenical · 02. March 2007
"Conference of European Churches" CEC Moscow 2007 “Christian Inter-Confessional Advisory Committee” CIAC "Metropolitan Cyrill" "Vitaly Vlasenko" "Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists" RUECB liberal "William Yoder"
Ecumenical · 29. August 1992
"Konrad Raiser" Lutheran "General Secretary" "World Council of Churches" "Wolfgang Polzer" Volkskirche ecumenism "Russian Orthodox" "Gunnar Stalsett" "Gulf War" "Peter Beyerhaus" "Council for Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of the Environment” "Karl Friedrich von Weizsäcker" "Elisabeth Raiser" "Richard von Weizsäcker" "William Yoder" "Bill Yoder"
Ecumenical · 17. November 1991
"Christian Peace Conference" 1991 Celakovice "World Council of Churches" "invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968" "Kenyon Wright" moderator "Karoly Toth" "Lubomir Mirejovsky" Prague CPC "Bill Yoder" William Yoder"