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Ev Alliance · 10. February 2021
General-Secretary "Sergey Vdovin" "Russian Evangelical Alliance" resigns interim "Vitaly Vlasenko" president "Alexander Fedichkin"
Ev Alliance · 11. April 2020
"Russian Evangelical Alliance” Moscow „Associated Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical-Pentecostal Faith” ROSKhVE "Sergey Lavrinov" Tiumen "Sergey Vdovin" "Alexander Fedichkin" Präsident Vlasenko "All-Ukrainian Council of Evangelical Churches“ "Oleksandr Turchynov" "Mykhailo Panochko" "Valery Antoniuk" "Anatoly Kalyuzhny" "Ukrainian Alliance" "William Yoder"
Ev Alliance · 05. December 2019
"Evangelical Alliance" Russia "William Yoder" "Advisory Council for the Heads" "Russian Baptist Union“ RUECB Mitskevich Ignatenko Ryakhovsky "Vitaly Vlasenko" "Fedichkin" "Vdovin" "Doug Burleigh" "government examination" seminary "Alexander Tsitserov“ ”Sergey Yastrzhembsky"
Ev Alliance · 09. April 2019
"Russian Prayer Breakfast" "St. Petersburg" "World Evangelical Alliance" "Yuri Sipko" "Peter Sautov" "Andrey Gaidamaka" "Metropolitan Hilarion" "Franklin Graham" "Second Baptist Church" "North American evangelicals with Russian Orthodox" "William Yoder"
Ev Alliance · 06. March 2018
"Vitaly Vlasenko" "Alexander Fedichkin" "Russian Evangelical Alliance" "Russian Baptist Union" "Sergey Vdovin" “Association of Churches of Evangelical Christians” "Vladimir Ryaguzov" "Ulrich Materne" "European Evangelical Alliance" businesspeople farmers "Advisory Council for the Heads of the Protestant Churches of Russia" "Yarovaya Laws" "Ivan Borichevsky" "Eduard Grabovenko" Pentecostal
Ev Alliance · 14. July 2017
"National Prayer Breakfast" Moscow “Youth Business Prayer Breakfast” "Vladislav Strashenko" "Alexander Semchenko" "Alexander Torshin" "Sergey Glazyev" "Doug Burleigh" "William Yoder"
Ev Alliance · 07. July 2017
Why a Single Protestant Needs Two Chapels ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Report on a Visit of the Russian Evangelical Alliance to the Far East Reportage M o s c o w -- During a visit of the Russian Evangelical Alliance (REA) to the Russian Far East in mid-June, a Pentecostal pastor in Khabarovsk repeated a sad joke supposedly describing the state of Protestantism in Russia: A believer shipwrecked on an uninhabited island decided to build himself two...
Ev Alliance · 22. October 2016
Russia’s Evangelical Alliance has Joined the European Family ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ News from the EEA’s Annual Conference in Portugal M o s c o w – The Russian Evangelical Alliance has achieved a significant milestone. At its annual conference in Colares/Portugal on 12 October, the REA was accepted as a full member of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA). According to REA-General-Secretary Sergey Vdovin, the goal was only...
Ev Alliance · 09. March 2013
Russia’s Evangelical Alliance is on the Upswing ------------------------------------------------------------------- 11th Annual National Conference held in Moscow M o s c o w -- On March 1, the inter-confessional “Russian Evangelical Alliance” celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding during the annual national conference in the Moscow headquarters of the Russian Baptist Union (RUECB). Only 40 persons attended, but thanks to new participants from the Baptist, Evangelical-Christian...
Ev Alliance · 20. March 2012
Portraying Christendom as One Single Family ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Russian Evangelical Alliance’s annual conference has taken place M o s c o w – In a word of greeting at the Russian Evangelical Alliance’s (REA) national conference in a Moscow church of the Seventh-Day Adventists on 15 March, the Baptist traveling evangelist Yuri Sipko criticised sharply the past of his own Protestant movement. He attributed the slow improvement...

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