Asia · 16. February 2020
"Chinese Church" on-line epidemic Corona-Virus "William Yoder" Wuhan "Myrrl Byler"
Asia · 07. December 2019
Faith Religion China Mennonites "Ling Fenglei" Shanghai "alternative Christianity" "rebuild Christianity" Protestantism ideology transformation compromise "William Yoder"
Asia · 01. September 2019
China Church “Shanghai Community Church” "Two-Thirds World” "Three-Self-Church" "house church movement" missionaries "North America" "South Korea" "Philip Wickeri" "Bob (Xiqiu) Fu" “ChinaAid" "National Endowment for Democracy” “Freedom House” anti-communist "Hong Kong" "human rights" "Christian Manifesto 1951" "Christian Peace Conference" "Russian Evangelical Alliance" "Jeff J. Brown" "William Yoder"
Asia · 01. September 2019
"North Korea" DPRK "Mennonite Central Committee” Manitoba "Otto Warmbier" "relief aid" "World Vision" "Christian Friends of Korea" "Eugene Bell" "Stephen Linton" "Billy Graham" Pyongyang "American Friends Service Committee" "Pyongyang University of Science and Technology” "James Kim" "Suki Kim" "Without You There is No Us” sanctions "Bongsu congregation" "Korean Christian Federation” "Changchung Cathedral" Orthodox "Theophanes Kim" "Rick Cober Bauman" "William Yoder"
Asia · 30. December 2018
China "church journalist" Moscow "Russian Evangelical Alliance" "China Christian Daily" "number of Christians" persecution "Nanjing seminary" "China Christian Council" "Chinese congregations in Russia" "Amish Grace" Nickel Mines Pennsylvania" "Amish response" "William Yoder"
Asia · 17. August 2017
"name for God" Mongolia "success story" "Mongolian Evangelical Alliance” "Nestorian Christendom" Mormon Tibetan Buddhism Animist "ethnic Kazakh" "National Council of Churches” NCC “National Pastors’ Association” “JCS International” "South Koreans" "Union Bible Theological Centre” Ulaanbaatar matriarchy denominations God Burhan China "William Yoder"
Asia · 14. July 2017
China Shanghai countryside Chinese "transit visa" "church repression" “Nanjing Union Theological Seminary” "Harbin seminary" “Chinese Christian Council” “Three-Self Patriotic Movement” "Nathan Showalter" “house churches” eschatology Muslim "stood up" "Religious Affairs Bureau" "Pearl Buck" "K. H. Ting" "Cultural Revolution" Khabarovsk "Eurasian cooperation" "William Yoder"
Asia · 21. April 2014
Not the worst of times --------------------------------------- Report on the Protestants of Central Asia Eine deutsche Fassung dieses Textes ist nicht vorhanden. A s t a n a -- Thirty-three-year-old Kamoliddyn Abdullaiev of Dushanbe, the head of Tajikistan’s 400-member Baptist union, is pleased that atheism is not an issue for Muslims. “Talking with Muslims about our faith is easier than with unbelieving Russians who think they are Orthodox,” he ascertained. “Families are strong and the...
Asia · 17. August 2013
Not the Worst of Times ------------------------------------------ The future of Lutheranism in Central Asia M o s c o w -- The weak strains of aged female voices still waft through Omsk, Siberia’s Lutheran church during its German-language Sunday service. No organ is desired and the 20-or-so women sing from hymnals printed in the Gothic script and vernacular of imperial Germany. Elderly women remain significant players in Russia. Lutheran discussion on the role of women wanders all over the...
Asia · 23. April 2013
A Possibly Historic Breakthrough ------------------------------------------------------- Has something significant happened in Mongolia? M o s c o w -- At least in terms of percentages, Protestant mission in what may be the world’s coldest and sunniest country qualifies as an incredible success story. Starting with between four and 40 believers in 1990 (numbers vary), Protestants in Mongolia are now said to number at least 50.000 in 500 local congregations. The “Mongolian Evangelical...

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