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RU Bap-E · 05. December 2020
See under "Caucasus"
RU Bap-E · 14. February 2020
Baptist Kaliningrad Königsberg "Bible College" "Anatoly Krikun" "Alex Breitkreuz" "William Yoder" Initiativniki "Yasnaya Polyana" Trakhenen "Pavel Meissner" "Ulitsa Gagarina" "Vadim Lugov"
RU Bap-E · 06. December 2019
Baptists edge fringe Russia Calvinist "John MacArthur" Kovcheg "House of Prayer for all Nations" VSEKh Evangelical-Christian "Alexander Semchenko" "Leonid Kartavenko" “St. Petersburg Christian University” “Samara Center for Biblical Training” "Sergey Sipko" "Evgeny Bakhmutsky" "Mikhail Dubrovsky" Pentecostal RUECB "William Yoder"
RU Bap-E · 24. May 2018
"Peter Mitskevich" President "Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists" RUECB "Alexey Smirnov" "Dallas Theological Seminary" Moscow Golgotha "Moscow Theological Seminary” Calvinist "Viktor Ignatenkov" Smolensk "Sergey Sipko" "Evgeny Bakhmutsky" Dedovsk "Ukrainian Baptist Union" apologize "Yuri Sipko" "Igor Bandura" Kiev Crimea Stakhanov “Lugansk People’s Republic" Donbass bi-partisan "William Yoder"
RU Bap-E · 11. May 2017
"structures survive" "Russian Baptist Union" "Vitaly Vlasenko resigns" "Director for External Church Affairs" "Sergey Belov" "Yosif Makarenko" "Peter Mitskevich" "National Prayer Breakfast" "Russian Evangelical Alliance" "Alexey Smirnov" "Constantine Prokhorov" "Omsk Baptist" "free Baptists" "William Yoder"
RU Bap-E · 20. June 2016
"adjust and survive" "not finished off" Maidan "Synodal Bible" Ryakhovsky Semchenko "Baptist Union" Smirnov underground "William Yoder"
RU Bap-E · 03. April 2016
"Yuri Apatov" Israel “Euro-Asian Federation of Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists“ "William Yoder"
RU Bap-E · 04. June 2014
Russia’s Baptist Union has a New “Number Two” -------------------------------------------------------------------- 34th Russian Baptist congress held in St. Petersburg M o s c o w -- The Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists has a new senior vice-president: Sergey Sipko. At the every-fourth-year congress, which took place this time in St. Petersburg from 28 to 30 May, Alexey Smirnov was also elected for an additional four years as the Union’s president. According to the...
RU Bap-E · 11. April 2013
Alexey Smirnov on Track for Re-Election ------------------------------------------------------------- On Baptist and other developments in Moscow M o s c o w -- The Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists’ “Union Council” has voted to propose that Alexey Smirnov be re-elected to a second term as RUECB-President at the next national Congress. No second candidate is to be proposed. The vote occurred at the Council’s bi-annual sessions in Moscow from 27 to 29 March; the RUECB’s...
RU Bap-E · 30. September 2011
Pastors Need Personal Counselling Too ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Seminar on counselling for Russia’s Baptist pastors M o s c o w – Pastors versed in counselling are themselves also in need of counselling. They too can become mired in conflicts and be subjected to serious temptation. They too need to be built up and encouraged. Pastor Olaf Kormannshaus noted this at a seminar held by the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists’ (RUECB)...

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