Education · 15. November 2020
Flipping between Love and Enmity ------------------------------------------------------- Brief Review of the Book “The Arduous Path of Post-Soviet Protestant Theological Education” by Mark Elliott Published by “First Fruits Press” at “Asbury Theological Seminary”, Kentucky/USA, in November 2020. Nearly all Western students of ex-Soviet theological education are unduly one-dimensional in their observations. They write essentially that ex-Communists and current Orthodox detest...
Education · 10. April 2020
Seminary "Baptist “Moscow Theological Seminary” MTS “Zaoksky Adventist University” "Alexander Tsutserov" “Moscow Evangelical-Christian Seminary" ROSKhVE Logos "Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary" MECS MTI "Moscow Theological Institute" SPChU "St. Petersburg Christian University“ COVID-19 "William Yoder"
Education · 15. February 2020
"Russian-American Christian University" RACU RACI demise "William Yoder" John Bernbaum" "Opening the Red Door" "Associated Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical-Pentecostal Faith” ROSKhVE "Ruslan Nadyuk" Nadiuk "social work"
Education · 09. April 2019
Baptists "Seminary problems" RUECB Russia Moscow "William Yoder" "Moscow Seminary of Evangelical Christians“ "Alexander Tsutserov" „One Mission Society“ OMS „Oriental Missionary Society“ "Vladimir Ozolin" „Associated Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical-Pentecostal Faith” ROSKhVE "foreign financial support"
Education · 14. July 2014
RACU RAI "Russian-American Christian University" "Ruslan Nadiuk" "Mark Currie" "Larry Endicott" "David Cecil" "Mikhail Firsov" "Peter Yeremeyev" "St. Tikhon's Orthodox University" "Matts-Ola Ishoel" "Beryl Hugen" rehabilitation "anti-intellectualism" "bridges between Protestants and the Orthodox" "William Yoder"
Education · 19. December 2012
"Peter Mitskevich" seminary Baptist Moscow RUECB "„Moscow Theological Institute" MTI MTS Khabarovsk "distance learning" "Mikhail Nievolin" Novosibirsk Samara "William Yoder"
Education · 13. October 2012
Moscow’s “Russian-American Institute” is Up for Sale ------------------------------------------------------------------- Negotiations with the buyer are in their final stages M o s c o w -- After a stressful construction period lasting nearly a decade, „Russian-American Institute’s” (RAI) new edifice in northeastern Moscow is up for sale. A buyer has been found and President John Bernbaum (Wheaton/USA) predicted on 5 October that the sale would be finalized “in two or three...
Education · 02. July 2012
Guidelines "How to Write" protocol newsworthy brevity "news and commentary" "inverted pyramid" "William Yoder"
Education · 31. May 2012
RAI RACU “Russian-American Institute” "Ruslan Nadyuk" Baptist “Oral Roberts University” "Lanny Endicott" "School of Social Work" "Mark Currie" "Matts-Ola Ishoel" "John Bernbaum" "Russian-American Christian University” "St. Petersburg Christian University" rector Ryzhov "Alexander Negrov" "Logos Canada” "Mennonite Brethren" "William Yoder" "Valery Alikin"
Education · 22. December 2010
Moscow’s Russian-American Institute Confronted with Major Obstacles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAI has dropped its programme of undergraduate studies M o s c o w -- The educational flagship of North American mainstream evangelicalism in Russia had landed on a sandbar and may be stranding. The heady dream of a Christian liberal-arts university initially proposed by Soviet-Russian educators visiting the US in 1990 is taking a...

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