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West & East · 06. March 2020
TAZ "Klaus-Helge Donath" Zeitzeichen Putin Chekist "William Yoder" China "extremely critical" Russia
West & East · 01. October 2017
"Baptist emigration" "Yarovaya Laws" "religious persecution" "normal country" "William Yoder"
West & East · 04. November 2016
Estonia "World War II" Baltics "Sandy Tolan" Tallinn “Museum of Occupations” "historical denial" victimization "Oula Silvennoinen" collaboration Holocaust "Lennart Meri" "Arnold Meri" victors "William Yoder"
West & East · 17. August 2013
Krefeld Ulyanovsk "Klaus Schilbach" Baptist partnership "Sergey Morosov" Simbirsk "Vladimir Lenin" "Sergey Guts" "Alexander Levkovsky" "role of women" jail work "William Yoder"
West & East · 17. November 2012
"Pussy Riot" "Kitty Riot" "Martin Dröge" "Luther Prize" "Cathedral of Christ the Saviour" Voyna "Patriarch Kirill" "Katrin Göring-Eckardt" "Nadezhda Tolokonnikova" "Martin Luther" "Margot Kässmann" "Amnesty International" "Third Rome" "Sergey Ryakhovsky" "Vitaly Vlasenko" Baptist "Anatoly Karlin" Wittenberg "Siegfried Kasparick" EKD "William Yoder"
West & East · 28. August 2012
"Punk Band" Moscow "Sergey Ryakhovsky" ROSKhVE "Christ the Saviour" "Moscow Patriarchate" "Leonid Kartavenko" "Alexander Semchenko" "Orthodoxy and State" "Yuri Sipko" „Portal-Credo“ symphony "Sergey Andreyev" "Vitaly Vlasenko" „Slavic Legal Centre“ "Pat Robertson" “American Center for Law and Justice” "Anatoly Pchelintsev" "Vladimir Ryakhovsky" "George Soros" "Orange Revolution" "William Yoder"
West & East · 16. March 2011
"Our Hands are Tied“ ----------------------------------------------------------- Conditions for youth among the unregistered Baptists and Pentecostals Commentary M o s c o w – The government is still the adversary for the unregistered Baptists and Pentecostals of the former Soviet Union – but other governments are now involved. Thanks to the 30-year-old emigration wave, most of the government adversaries are now located in Germany and in the USA’s Pacific Northwest. Russia still has...
West & East · 14. May 2010
A Trusting Relationship is in the Offing --------------------------------------------------------------------- Russian-German gives a hopeful word of greeting at this year’s conference of the German „Federation of Evangelical-Free Churches“ K a s s e l – Delegates at the German „Federation of Evangelical-Free Churches’“ (BEFG) annual conference in Kassel on 6 June heartily embraced a word of greeting given by Pastor Heinrich Derksen. Derksen is Rector of “Bibelseminar Bonn”, a...
West & East · 23. March 2009
A Renewed Division of Europe? ------------------------------------------------------- An appeal for church congresses on Ukrainian soil A Commentary M o s c o w – European Baptists want to be together. One clear indication is the fact that the Russian “Logos”-Choir hopes to send 40 singers to the festive conference celebrating the 400th anniversary of the European Baptist movement in Amsterdam this summer. But a certain parallelisation is occurring. Following the Baptist World...
West & East · 08. November 2008
Russian-German Baptists Cannot be Bought --------------------------------------------------------------- A Conversation with Pastor Hermann Hartfeld M o s c o w – The ethnic-German Baptist Hermann Hartfeld from Brühl/Germany grew up in Omsk/Siberia. He was arrested for his missionary efforts in 1962 at the age of 20 and sentenced to five years in a labor camp. During that period he got the “privilege” of doing sanitation work without protective gear on the atomic testgrounds at...

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