Poland · 15. October 2013
Baptist "church renovation" Szczecin Stettin Stoislawa "Gustaw Cieslar" Torgelow "church split" "Mateusz Wichary" "Robert Merecz" "Max Slawinsky" "Wilhelm Weist" Oncken "Baptist Union" "William Yoder"
Poland · 26. April 1994
"Polish Lutheran" "Barbara Engholc-Narzynska" "Polish Bible Society" abortion "Bogdan Tranda " Warsaw Reformed "Christian values" concordat "Roman Catholic" "Andrzej Wojtowicz" "Polish Ecumenical Council" "Jan Szarek" "William Yoder"
Poland · 13. April 1994
"Vladimir Zhirinovsky" "pan-Slavic nation" "Andrzej Wojtowicz" "Polish Ecumenical Council" "Radio Marija" "Bogdan Tranda" Reformed Poland "Andrzej Grzegorczyk" "Piotr Szczypiorski" "Tadeusz Pieronek" Christian-Democratic "William Yoder"
Poland · 11. October 1991
Polish Lutherans after the Elections of October 1991 The vast open spaces surrounding Warsaw's "Palace of Culture and Science" were originally intended for mass parades and demonstrations. They have now been transformed into a shantytown. Folks do eat and nap in these shantys, but fortunately, they're not intended to be living quarters. They instead huckster Western music cassettes, vacuum cleaners and pantyhose. The massive spire towering over the palace once built as Stalin's gift to the...
Poland · 01. October 1984
1984 Polish Baptists Pentecostals "Protestant Bible Society" bookstore Cieszyn "Evangelistic Week" Dziegielów "World Vision" "Stanley Mooneyham" Oasis "Franciszek Blachnicki" Warsaw Methodist "Witold Benedyktowicz" "Polish Ecumenical Council" Katowice "Herbert Bednarz" "Tomasz Bruell" "takeover of Lutheran churches" Szestno Baptist "Michal Stankiewicz" "Zdzislaw Tranda" "Barbara Engholc-Narzynska" "Protestant Bible Society" "Bill Yoder" "William Yoder"
Poland · 01. July 1983
"Papal visit" 1983 "Polish Baptists" "Adam Piasecki" "Alexander Kircun" "Radio Monte Carlo" "Billy Graham" "Josef Glemp" Reformed "Zdzislaw Tranda" "John Paul II" "Polish Ecumenical Council" "Barbara Engholc-Narzynska" "British and Foreign Bible Society" church confiscation "Andrzej Wojtowicz" Szestno PRON "Jan Dobraczynski" Pentecostal "Andrzej Bajenski" "women pastors" "William Yoder"