Germany · 17. February 2020
"German Church" "Far Right" AfD "Alternative für Deutschland" "William Yoder" fascism Vatikan “Central Office for the Resolution of Nazi Crimes” Ludwigsburg“ Parubiy "Rainer Rothfuss"
Germany · 04. October 2010
Thoughts - not just - on Eastern Germany since 1989 For me, the German transformation from 1989-90 is connected with ludicrous and unforgettable scenes. In January 1990 I observed Vietnamese near Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate eluding police and escaping over the Wall – in both directions. After shopping or sightseeing, they would escape back into the East at eventide. An East German friend still laughs about a joint entry into East Berlin around March 1990. The GDR (German Democratic Republic)...
Germany · 08. May 1993
"church tax" "income tax surcharge" "Evangelical Church in Germany" EKD "Hermann Dietzfelbinger" "church collections" "Horst Hermann" "voluntary donations" "Peter Kollmar" "culture tax" "Eugen Drewermann" "Horst Gorski" Bill "William Yoder"
Germany · 10. January 1993
Central and Eastern Europe are morally adrift. The surge of fascist rock groups is one indication of the present ideo­logical vacuum among the young. Germany boasts at least 50 fascist-oriented rock groups; a record of the group "Bösen Onkelz", though declared illegal, recently attained number five on the hit charts. The Hungarian band "CPG" is harmoni­zing with the text: "A flamethrower is the only weapon with which I can win. Eliminate every gypsy, adult and child." Rudi Pahnke, a Lutheran...
Germany · 05. December 1992
"Günter Krusche" no hero Stasi Berlin Yoder
Germany · 25. August 1991
Adam Smith Greets Martin Luther The capitalist revolution has arrived in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. On Wednesdays and Saturdays the statues of Luther and Philipp Melanchthon on the town square nearly disappear behind the tents of merchants huckstering hair curlers, Kung Fu videos, Barbies and bicycle reflectors. On the day I was there, the organ grinder on Collegienstrasse, the old city's main thoroughfare, was competing with the legendary tunes of Elvis wafting from a residence nearby. But the...
Germany · 04. December 1990
Volker Rühe, General-Secretary of West Germany's Christian-Democratic party (CDU), reflected conventional wisdom last Summer when he predicted that his party and government would become more northern, eastern and Protestant. The old West German state had long been reputed to be a Catholic entity. Indeed, in 1949 the outspoken Church President Martin Niemoeller had made the irreverent claim that the West German state was "conceived in the Vatican and born in Washington." Chancellor Konrad...
Germany · 12. November 1990
German churches reunited 1990 Lübeck-Travemünde "first all-German synod" "Christoph Stier" Yoder EKD
Germany · 29. October 1990
It was the synod "masses", not the church's political movers and shakers, that elected Dr. Gottfried Forck Bishop of the East German Berlin-Brandenburg church in 1981. Doubters had then accused him of "liking to pour coffee"; more recently, his willingness to "waste" precious office time in conversation with custodians and delivery persons was criticized. Diplomatic convention never has been Forck's strong point; indeed, he claims that diplomacy "dilutes the Gospel." In 1983, when the...
Germany · 26. October 1990
Believing “too long” in the Improvability of Socialism Dr. Manfred Stolpe, chief administrator of the United "Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg," chose not to join the Social Democratic party (SPD) until July 1990. Only weeks later, on October 14, this 54-year-old church lawyer was elected Minister-President of Brandenburg, a German state surrounding all of Berlin and stretching as far east as the Polish border. His victory gave the Social Democrats their sole reason to cheer that...

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