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Addition Ch · 23. June 2021
Catholics Kaliningrad Quirrenbach "Gisela Noky" Lipki Chernyakhovsk "Church of the Holy Family" "Alexander Krevsky" "Russian Orthodox Church" "Jerzy Steckiewicz" „Church of St. Adalbert" "St. Adalberts" "Anton Alichanov" "Serafim (Melkonyan)" "Nikolay Dubinin" "Marek Kolodziejski" "Pope Francis encyclical 3. October 2020" "William Yoder"
Addition Ch · 07. May 2021
Methodist Bishop "Eduard Khegay" Russia "United Methodist Church" UMC Eurasia "Valentina Biryukova" seminary "Eurasian Episcopal Area" Minneapolis homosexual Satka Vladivostok Raduga Bishkek "William Yoder"
Addition Ch · 11. May 2017
"Jehovah’s Witnesses" "Martin Niemoeller" "Constantine Prokhorov" "Andrey Kuryaev" "Bradn Buerkle" "Igor Kovalevsky" propaganda "Angela Merkel" "Markus Kastner" Dubna "Daniela Dahn" "William Yoder"
Addition Ch · 01. March 2013
Methodist "Eduard Khegay" "Hans Vaxby" "John Wesley" women pastors "female leadership" "female clergy" "dwindling numbers" traditional charismatic Nazarene Korean "William Yoder"
Addition Ch · 08. November 2012
Russian Presbyterians "Vladimir Li" “Moscow Presbyterian Church" Sakhalin Tsutserov "Lee Hong Rae" "Ahn Soon-Cheol" "General Assembly" “Slavic Reformation Society” "Blake Purcell" “Presbyterian Church of America” “Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches” “Christian Reconstructionism” Rushdoony "Valerian Ten" "Viktor Kazansky" "ordination of women" “Union of Evangelical-Reformed Churches of Russia” "William Yoder"
Addition Ch · 11. July 2012
“Racial Task Force” "Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy" "person of colour" MPC Stalin “mixed race” Metis “Medical Advice Centre” Moscow’s “Agape Medical Centre” "Bill Becknell" "Matthew Laferty" Martin-Luther-King-Day "Olivier Akaa" Lipetsk SOVA "William Yoder"
Addition Ch · 23. February 2010
Joining that Which Jesus is Doing in Russia --------------------------------------------------- On the Quaker presence in Moscow Report M o s c o w -- Thanks largely to the efforts of the Society of Friends – or “Quakers”, the peace church presence on Russian soil remains. The closure of Mennonite Central Committee’s Moscow offices in 2000 had led some to assume that the witness of North America’s pacifist, “historic peace churches” (Quaker, Mennonite, Church of the Brethren) had...
Addition Ch · 29. October 2007
"Vitaly Vlasenko" "Russian Baptist Union" RUECB "Paolo Pezzi" "Yuri Sipko" Roman-Catholic "Konstantin Bendas" Caritas "drug addicts" "Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz" Belarus "William Yoder"
Addition Ch · 14. September 2007
"Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy" MPC "soup kitchen" "Robert Bronkema" "Ruvim Voloshin" "St. Andrews Anglican Church" "William Yoder"