West Missions

West Missions · 03. June 2020
"The Persecutor" "Edward Plowman" "Caroline Walker" Pallis "Forgive me Sergey" "Sergey Kourdakov" Kurdakov "Underground Evangelism" "Forgive me Natasha" "Joe Bass" "Albert Wardin" "Richard Wurmbrand" Kidd "A Rose for Sergei" lie "William Yoder"
West Missions · 25. May 2016
"Franklin Graham" "Bible commentary" "World Summit" Havana "Pope Francis" Crete Bartholomew Constantinople "Samaritan´s Purse" Hilarion "Roman Lunkin" Mokhnenko NATO BGEA "I read the Bible" Vlasenko "Synodal Bible" "William Yoder"
West Missions · 03. April 2016
"John MacArthur" "Catholicism is Satanic" "Pope Francis" "Servant of Satan" "Grace Community Church" "Rick Warren" "Andrei Kravtsev" "same-sex weddings" "Gennadi Sergienko" "Samara Center" Kolesnikow "Slavic Gospel Association" "Russian Baptists Union" "William Yoder"
West Missions · 09. November 2015
"Franklin Graham" Moscow RUECB Putin Kirill ROK Assad "Paul Cameron" "Scott Lively" "Mats-Ola Ishoel" anti-gay Shirinovsky "Pavel Begichev" "Yaroslav Nilov" "same-sex marriage" Cherenkov "Charles Stanley" Atlanta Hilarion "Ukrainian fascists" BRICS Pro-Family "Taras Dyatlik" "Samaritan´s Purse" "William Yoder"
West Missions · 16. September 2015
"Justus Walker" missionaries "Jolly Milkman" "senseless deeds of mercy" "church planting" "Bill Becknell" "William Yoder" "Agape Unlimited"
West Missions · 06. November 2013
"Paul Cameron" "Scott Lively" Putin "Moscow Patriarchy" "The Pink Swastika" Ryakhovsky "Mats Ola Ishoel" "World Congress of Families" Moscow "Christopher Stroop" "Alexander Ledyaev" "New Generation" "William Yoder"
West Missions · 25. July 2011
Penicillin or Cyanide? ------------------------------------------------------------------ A commentary on Slavic, anti-gay activities in the USA and Russia M o s c o w -- Russia's Christians are up in arms about the European Union's demand of equal rights for sexual minorities. In a statement on 22 June, the ever-vocal Sergey Ryakhovsky, Senior Bishop of the Charismatic "Associated Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical-Pentecostal Faith (ROSKhVE), asserted that the rights of sexual...
West Missions · 14. June 2010
Helping Russia Solve its Demographic Crisis -------------------------------------------------------------------- Russians can successfully adopt Russian children M o s c o w -- North American Christians are willing to help Russian parents turn around their country’s demographic crisis. Professor Lanny Endicott, head of the Social Work department at the primarily-Charismatic “Oral Roberts University” in Tulsa/Oklahoma, believes more of Russia’s social and factual orphans could find homes...
West Missions · 22. April 2010
Getting Airborne Safely ----------------------------------------- Christians care about general aviation in Russia Report M o s c o w -- Dwayne King really cares about the Gospel - but he cares about other things, too. Those “other things” include general aviation – non-government, small-plane air transport. Even after nearly 20 years of trying, the 67-year-old pilot and pastor remains convinced that general aviation will play a major role in the economic development of Russia. All...
West Missions · 27. June 2009
Russia - a Dying Nation? ----------------------------------------- A conversation with educator and trauma specialist Marilyn Murray M o s c o w -- “Russia is a deeply troubled country and is literally becoming a dying nation.” That was the conclusion of Marilyn Murray, a US-American psychotherapist and educator specialising in the long-term consequences of childhood trauma and abuse, during a meeting in Moscow on 23 June. Ready proof is the on-going demographic nosedive of the population...

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