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Mennos anywhere · 19. July 2018
Novosibirsk Mennonite "Willy Peters" "Andrey Peters" Tayshet Taishet Trudarmee Kommandatura Angarsk Chortiza Yalta repatriate Berdsk "Ulitsa Proyektnaya" "Bernhard Sawatsky" "Church Mennonites" "Jakob Dirksen" "Ben Falk" "Mennonite Central Committee" MCC Neudachino Omsk Bielefeld "Nikolay Dueckman" "Mennonite-Brethren" Maryanovka "Mennonite World Conference" Calcutta Orenburg "William Yoder"
Mennos anywhere · 14. June 2018
Mennonite Siberia Waldheim Apollonovka Issilkul Omsk "Jacob Dirksen" "David Epp" historian "Peter Epp" "Willock Farm“ Sevmaster "Mennonite Central Committee" Nieudachino Solntsevka "Walter Willms" Abbotsford "Arthur Block" Medvezhye "ethnic Russians" "income gap" Russian-German "Mennonite enterprises" "William Yoder"
Mennos anywhere · 29. July 2017
Half of the Story, Honestly Told ---------------------------------------------------- Review of Benjamin Goossen’s book, “Chosen Nation” M o s c o w -- The “invention” of a Mennonite nation is one outstanding theme in Benjamin Goossen’s dissertation, “Chosen Nation. Mennonites and Germany in a Global Era”, published by Princeton University Press in June 2017. This Mennonite from Kansas with Russian-Ukrainian roots points to the fact that the theory of a Mennonite “nation”...
Mennos anywhere · 30. January 2016
More Aryan than Most Germans – the Mennonites Question Themselves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Report on a lecture in 2015 S m o l e n s k -- Nazis liked Mennonites. That’s the jolting message delivered by Ben Goossen, a doctoral student at Harvard University, in a lecture at the Mennonite World Conference in Harrisburg/Pennsylvania last July 22. He backed up his thesis with a large photo of the infamous Nazi Heinrich Himmler...
Mennos anywhere · 29. June 2010
Mennonites are Strongest in Siberia --------------------------------------------------------- On the „Omsk Brotherhood“ and other topics M o s c o w – Someone wandering through a pristine village like Mirolyubovka, 80 km west of the West Siberian city of Omsk, could think that he/she was in Paraguay or Mexico. Little girls in pigtails and long dresses run about; one speaks and laughs in Low German (Plattdeutsch). One gets to hear their surnames if one asks: Reimer, Klassen, Wiens, Wiebe,...