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UA Non-Political · 09. April 2019
"John MacAthur" Ukraine "Baptist Union break ties" "Peter Mitskevich" "Viktor Ignatenkov" "Vladimir Miskevich" "Irpen Biblical Seminary" Irpin "Master’s Academy International" Calvinist Arminian "Robert Provost" "Gennadi Sergienko" "Evgeny Bakhmutsky" "William Yoder"
UA Non-Political · 22. December 2014
Rostov "Baptist aid" "Eastern Ukraine" Donbass Lugansk "Vladimir Drok" "Krasny Luk" "Arina Volodina" "William Yoder"
UA Non-Political · 15. October 2013
Ukraine homosexuality "Olena Panych" "Elena Panich" "Donetsk Christian University" "Ruslan Kukharchuk" "Mikhail Cherenkov" "anti-homosexual movement" "holy war" Jews Fiji Sacramento "Fuller Seminary" "foes of homosexuality" Klaipeda "LCC University" moderates "William Yoder"
UA Non-Political · 17. August 2013
Lutheraner Zentralasien Kasachstan "Otto Schaude" Omsk "Zhanibek Batenow" Astana Bischof "Juri Nowgorodow" Missouri-Synode Brüdergemeinden Schlaglöcher Kirgistan Usbekistan Tadschikistan Turkmenistan farbenblind ELKR "Alfred Eichholz" "Dietrich Brauer" "Franz Tissen" "kasachische Mitglieder" Proselytismus Karaganda Saran Abdullaiev Baptist Duschanbe "Wassili Korobow" "William Yoder"
UA Non-Political · 08. November 2011
"Dieter Staudt" Ukraine farming agriculture Lebedin "University of Sumy" wealth Pskov Wiesbaden dreams "William Yoder"
UA Non-Political · 15. June 2011
Putting an End to Orphanages ----------------------------------------------------- Regarding the efforts of Ukrainian pastor Gennady Mokhnenko M o s c o w – Eastern European people of good will usually support the retention and improvement of orphanages. But the Ukrainian pastor Gennady Mokhnenko expects the exact opposite: He wants them eliminated. In a recent interview this Charismatic pastor described his “mega-dream”: “The ceremonial closure of the last orphanage on the terrain of...
UA Non-Political · 18. September 2009
Ukrainian Baptists Celebrate in Kiev -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resurgence and continuity on the 400th anniversary of the Baptist movement Commentary M o s c o w / K i e v – Ukrainian Baptists have like no other East European Baptist union made a successful leap into the public limelight. That was apparent during the four-day-long celebrations in the Ukrainian capital marking the 400th birthday of the global Baptist movement. Beginning on 27...