RU Pentecost

RU Pentecost · 13. November 2018
"Alexander Kaiser" Pentecostals Amur Blagoveshchensk "Novoe Pokolenie" "Associated Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical-Pentecostal Faith” ROSKhVE Belogorsk "rehabilitation centre "Orthodox "Istochnik Zhizni" "substance abuse" "Source of Life" Yarovaya-Laws Yakutia "my America" "William Yoder"
RU Pentecost · 03. April 2016
"Sergey Ryakhovsky" ROSKhVE "pro-Maidan evangelicals" "Public Chamber" "Alexander Men" Grabovenko Turchynov "primus inter pares" "foreign agents" "William Yoder"
RU Pentecost · 04. September 2012
Pentecostal ROSKhVE "inter-confessional patrols" "Lyudmila Alexeyeva" "Helsinki Group" "Konstantin Bendas" "Sergey Ryakhovsky" patriotic Penza "flag day" "Sergey Kireyev" "lay wreaths" "Kremlin Wall" "Alexander Semchenko" "Patriarch Kirill" traditional „Slavic Legal Centre“ "Yuri Sipko" RUECB Baptist charismatic "Eduard Grabovenko" "William Yoder"
RU Pentecost · 22. January 2012
Baptist RUECB Yuri Sipko Blagoveshchensk charismatic Pentecostal „Slavic-Voice" "Film Kharismatiya“ „New Generation“ "William Yoder"
RU Pentecost · 14. December 2011
"Yuri Sipko" Baptist RUECB "New Generation" "Far East" Blagoveshchensk "Slavic Voice" "Mikhail Darbinyan" "Pavel Svetlov" Kharismatiya "charismatic movement" Riga "Alexander Ledyaev" "Alexander Semchenko" "Sergey Ryakhovsky" ROSKhWE "Pavel Starikov" Portland heresy "Alexey Smirnov" "Mikhail Nevolin" "Ivan Kunderenko" IUCECB "unregistered Baptists" "Alexander Sipko" „Northwest Association of Slavic Baptist Churches" "Alexander Kusnetsov" Tushino "William Yoder"
RU Pentecost · 15. September 2010
Good News Church Attains Double Digits ------------------------------------------------------ Rick Renner still active in Moscow A Report M o s c o w -- It was a Baptist woman who first pointed me to the existence of “Rick Renner Ministries”. Six years ago, I asked her which Moscow church she would recommend to a searching young lady from a completely secular background. But I was not so reckless as to send the young woman there – I sent myself instead. My initial impression was that this...
RU Pentecost · 16. October 2009
No Return to the Cradle -------------------------------------------- A report on Tushino Evangelical Church Commentary M o s c o w – In 1992, a congregational plant in the north-western district of Tushino began as a hopeful outreach of Moscow’s “mother hen”: the historic “Central Baptist Church”. But by 2002 Tushino was no longer a Baptist congregation. What began as a cell group meeting in Pastor Alexander Kuznetsov’s flat, had grown into a full-fledged Charismatic congregation....