Ex-Yugo · 24. May 2013
A Partnership with a Difference -------------------------------------------------- The Baptists of Serbia and Russia are developing a partnership M o s c o w -- The Baptists of Serbia and Russia are developing a partnership with a difference: a partnership between two Slavic countries. That desire was made public by the presence of Vitaly Vlasenko (Moscow), Director of External Church Relations for the “Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists” (RUECB) in the South Serbian city of...
Ex-Yugo · 30. January 2000
Tiny but Multi-National A Bible school in the village of Backi Petrovac near Novi Sad in the northern province of Voyvodina, the "Christian Evangelistic Center" (KES), prides itself in housing nearly as many nationalities as students: 18. Multiple-ethnicity is a major selling-point for ex-Yugoslavia's evangelical churches. Yet these small churches share a common ailment with the present governments on the territory of the old Yugoslavia: All would rather be small and independent than large and...
Ex-Yugo · 27. January 2000
No Quick and Easy Fix Referring to the NATO bombings, Zivica Tucic, an Orthodox theologian in Belgrade, says: "The West has fallen prey to the temptation of a quick and easy fix." Citing 1. Corinthians 10 he continues: "All may be possible for the West, but not everything is expedient." In view of Western reluctance to fund UN peacekeepers in Kosovo before the bombing began, he concludes that Westerners have been more willing to finance war than peace. More than a few Serb Christians insist...
Ex-Yugo · 18. March 1995
Serbia Croatia church tensions "Atanasije of Mostar" "Amfilohija of Montenegro" "Pravoslavlje" Adventists "Patriarch Pavle" "Aleksandar Mitrovic" "Milosevic is good for us" "Andrej Beredi" "Slovak Lutheran Church" Voyvodina Hungary "Ecumenical Humanitarian Service" "William Yoder"
Ex-Yugo · 12. March 1995
"Hans Koschnick" Lutheran Reconciler Mostar Pentecostal "East Mostar" Bremen "bridge builders" "William Yoder"
Ex-Yugo · 11. March 1995
"Lutheran World Federation" LWF Krajina Croatia Vukovar "Hermina Nikolaisen" Osijek "John Wood" Knin Serb Bihac Zagreb refugees Bosnia "Audunn Olaffson" "William Yoder"
Ex-Yugo · 06. March 1995
Muslim "East Mostar" "West Mostar" volleyball "Branco Lovrec" "Baptist Union" Croatia Sarajevo "Novi Sad" "Aleksandar Mitrovic" "Duhovna Stvarnost" "Atanasije of Mostar" "Amfilohija of Montenegro" "Aleksandar Birvis" "Patriarch Pavle" "Milosevic is good" "Bishop Lavrentije" Sabac "Orthodox seminary in Belgrade" "Bill Yoder "William Yoder"
Ex-Yugo · 20. March 1994
Serb Croat Yugoslavia evangelical Bosnia Croatia Sarajevo "Dragan Nedic" Pentecostal Adventist "Dario Slankamenac" “Adventist Development and Relief Agency” ADRA "Ljubo Lucic" Ilok Slovak Lutheran Osijek Agape "Franjo Perko" Belgrade Methodist "Martin Chovan" Vukovar "Patriarch Pavle" "Zivica Tucic" "Andrej Beredi" Vojvodina "Vlado Deutsch" "Slobodan Andjelic" Muslim "Milorad Pupovac" "Serbian Democratic Forum" Croatization" William "Bill Yoder"
Ex-Yugo · 19. March 1994
"Franjo Perko" Archbishop "Roman Catholic" Serbia Belgrade "Banja Luka" persecution "ethnic cleansing" "Patriarch Pavle" "Greater Serbia" "self-determination" Bosnia Croatia "Vatican conspiracy" Vojvodina Pancevo Pale "Ratko Mladic" "UN protectorate" "partition Bosnia" "Bill Yoder" "William Yoder"
Ex-Yugo · 08. March 1994
Sarajevo Protestants "Seventh-Day Adventist" "Samir Sofo" "Lutheran World Federation" "Croatian Lutheran" Muslims Krajina Ilok Vukovar "Jerislav Slujka" "Andrej Beredi" Slovak "Karl-Christoph Epting" “Gustav-Adolf-Werk" "Endre Langh" Reformed Beuggen "Vlado Deutsch" Bill "William Yoder"

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